The All-Info Kiosk

Our All-Info-Kiosks are designed to assist communities’ access much needed information about municipal, provincial, and national government services. It will also be a call point to access service information from partnering corporate institutions. This will help communities to complete any online applications, register for training programmes, skill registration for job seekers, general job application, school applications, driving school applications, car rentals, SEFA and other funding
applications, flight tickets, book event tickets, utility payments, and lotto tickets, etc.

General Help Kiosk

The All-Info-Kiosks, will be placed in townships, rural areas and some urban areas for easy access to information, assisting small businesses, cooperatives and individuals who want to buy or sell online. It will also assist those who want to do general inquiries on anything, but do not have Smart-Phones, Tablets or Computers to transact online. The Online marketplace is getting bigger and bigger, we have to educate and make provisions for those who need to catch up.

Small Business Support

Inquiries about Small Business funding and training programmes will help many businesses operate smoothly and grow. Helping Small Businesses apply for SEFA funding and other development funding institutions will be a priority in the All-Info Kiosks. The public can process and submit application forms at the kiosk and also get help in completing application forms from partnering institutions.

Insurance & Banking Inquiries

Partnering with Insurance and banking institutions, we will be providing insurance and banking inquiries in the Kiosk. Policy and loan applications services will be offered to communities.  People can do online banking in a private corner and get assistance with other minor banking services. The insurance and banking institutions will train the youths in the Kiosk for offsite services.

Tickets & Airtime Sales

The All-Info-Kiosks will be a Call Centre for ticketing and airtime sales. Event tickets will be generated and distributed through the kiosks all over the country. Airtime and data from Telkom, MTN, Vodacom and other tele-communication products will be sold here. Bill payments and rental payments from partnering institutions are available at the Kiosk. Car rental Services will be accessed here.  DSTV and other pay TV service providers will be available. National Lottery tickets and other tickets to be sold to the public.

KILOBU Community Development Inquiries

KILOBU community development and funding services will be accessed in the Kiosk.  The All-Info-Kiosks are an important key to assist and change how services are accessed in communities across the country. Now people will have access to relevant services that will help them operate their businesses with ease. This will encourage people to get up and create jobs as they can access much needed information to start a small business comfortably anywhere.   

Farmers can now access more seeds and seedlings to develop their farms. They will access funding required to expand their farms and access local, provincial, national and international markets. The KILOBU All-Info-Kiosks will create thousands of jobs across the country as each kiosk will have 3 to 5 people working there. The youths will be trained to provide all the services listed. The Kiosk will be the central point for Municipal Trade Fair participation across the country.