What is a KUM Colony?

KILOBU Unified Marketplace (KUM) Colony is a group of individuals cooperating and working together to build streams of income for the colony under the leadership of their founder. They are highly organized people with a common goal to achieve economic stability, and social development for all their members. The colony is designed to link and unify members that are in different fields; like producers, manufacturers, farmers, retailers and consumers unified in one marketplace through the KILOBU Unified Marketplace development for sustainable growth.

KUM Colonies are equipped with experts in different fields. The founder will be specially trained by
business development experts that have mastered the Ant-Network of Colonies to manage the colony. KUM will develop a marketplace that will bring true prosperity and other benefits to all members of the colony, irrespective of their geographical location.

What is the goal of a KUM Colony?

They work together to achieve a common purpose for socioeconomic development and growth,
striving together for survival in all economic climates in their respective community and country.
Cooperating to create avenues to wealth for all members of the colony. Training and employing
members and their recommended relatives in every project implemented by the colony.

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