by Fred Ngeri

The Captured State (Eswatini Captured Wing of Government, ACC and their Gatekeepers)


I want to express my gratitude for the opportunity to share my story and reveal the truth. Please share this document with everyone you know, as it is crucial that we stand together against injustice and the abuse of power.

 The media in Eswatini has refused to publish this statement, despite my efforts to share it with them since February 2024. I understand their reluctance, as they operate within a system controlled by heartless individuals who can shut down any business or media outlet at will.

It is time to expose the truth, which has been distorted by fabricated accusations and deceitful narratives perpetuated by shameless, unethical, and immoral individuals who embody despotism. The so-called Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) in Eswatini, established to protect citizens, has been manipulated to serve the interests of a few powerful individuals who disregard human rights and the rule of law.

This captured institution is weaponized to attack anyone who seeks to bring genuine prosperity to the people of Eswatini. Meanwhile, it protects those who openly engage in corruption with impunity. The ACC casts a shadow of fear over the population, rendering them powerless and forcing them to beg for survival outside of the Gatekeepers' control.

Eswatini Gatekeepers

The Eswatini Gatekeepers, a group of corrupt individuals surrounding the King, claim to be acting on his behalf to oppress and intimidate citizens. They are willing to do anything to please the King, but they deceive him and turn him against innocent people for their own benefit. They follow him everywhere, creating the illusion that they have his approval to exploit the country without consequence.

Many in top positions have hated me for defending the King and his vision for Eswatini's development. I have had the privilege of meeting with him on several occasions and see a man committed to his country's progress for the benefit of all his people. However, he is surrounded by selfish individuals with wicked hearts, feeding him lies and suppressing anyone outside their network.

I implore the people of Eswatini not to hate their King but to pray for him to see through the deceit of those around him and clean out the corrupt individuals for the country's sake. These heartless people have captured government departments and the private sector for their personal agendas, destroying the country's image.

I speak from my 20-year experience doing business in Eswatini. They have lied to the King, making him believe they have the country's best interests at heart. But they are the ones destroying Eswatini. The elders of the country must speak out against this injustice and the nonsense occurring in Eswatini. The King must reevaluate those around him and in key positions by appointing private investigators to investigate them without warning, and the investigators must report directly to him.

The Eswatini Gatekeepers came after me because I empower locals to make a living without fear or begging. They saw me as a threat when I applied for a banking license for Transact Bank Swaziland, as I designed a system to break the cycle of poverty in Eswatini. They couldn't accept that I had a master plan to empower people in every constituency.

Since then, I have faced opposition and red tape from government officials who initially showed willingness to support my projects but later succumbed to the Gatekeepers' influence. I designed the Tinkhundla Development Centers and the Eswatini Coordinated Farming program to set people free from hopelessness. I presented my plans to the Ministry of Tinkhundla Administration and the Ministry of Agriculture, but they later came up with excuses to stop me.

I also developed SwaSwitch, a national payment switch that would report to the Central Bank, and presented it to the King. He asked me to meet with the finance minister, but the minister was hostile and dismissive. I offered a financial model that would generate more revenue for the government without increasing taxes, but they rejected it due to jealousy and control.

Today, they are implementing my ideas without acknowledging my contributions. I introduced Swazi Bank to MasterCard, and they are now issuing MasterCard-powered cards. I taught their payment system department about transactional protocols, but they kept quiet and waited for me to leave so they could proceed without me, pleasing the Gatekeepers.

Fred Ngeri at the Launching of Swazi-Legal Services in the Kingdom of Eswatini (Swaziland)

I am proud of my achievements and ready to take on bigger projects worldwide. With the right partnership and funding, I can achieve anything. I launched Swazi-Legal with the Swaziland Association of Savings and Credit Cooperative (SASCCO), but the Eswatini Gatekeepers stopped us after we invested heavily in systems, equipment, and services. They use the injustice I fought against for years against me now.

Despite this, I remain committed to Eswatini's development and am working on a plan to put the economy on the right path under the King's leadership. I will meet with the King soon to help him build an economy that will stand out in Africa and globally. I reiterate my 20-year commitment: give me the economy to manage, and within 72 months, all citizens will have enough to eat and a decent living. They will no longer pay for water and electricity or pay a maximum of R500 per month for both. Pensioners will not pay for electricity and water. Unemployment will be less than 1% of the adult population. Nobody will live a hopeless life unless they are alcoholics or drug addicts.

I registered Transact Bank, SwaSwitch, Swaziland Agricultural Development Bank, Tinkhundla Development and Transaction Centres, Swazi Legal, Swazi Traders Link, and Turch-Technologies, among others, to achieve this vision. When I worked on African Transaction Solutions with an American company, there were no mobile payment systems in Africa. We started before Kenya, but the Eswatini Gatekeepers stopped my work due to jealousy and lack of vision. Now, look at the market value; Eswatini could have benefited significantly.

To avoid the Gatekeepers, I approached private companies to set up Swazi Traders-Link, linking Tinkhundlas (constituencies) to develop communities through the Coordinated Farming program with market access. This empowers citizens economically, reducing dependence on government handouts. I designed a self-sustaining economic system, working with community leaders and members of parliament to develop local governments and communities.

However, the captured and shameless wing of the Eswatini Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) was sent to stop Swazi-Traders Link at any cost. The ACC, under new leadership, can still make amends by apologizing to the nation, teaching people about their importance, and regaining a reputable status. They must not intimidate citizens or use their power for personal gain.

I went through rejected documents from the Eswatini ACC, and it's astonishing how they believed their false claims. How can someone prepare such documents, submit them to the Chief Justice, and sleep well? The ACC must know that people outside Eswatini fear doing business there due to their treatment of citizens and disregard for the rule of law. Any country respecting human rights and a balanced judicial system will prosper.

The Truth

The truth is that the Eswatini ACC is a captured institution and should not be taken seriously until there is a commission of inquiry into their operations. My attacks started with the late Prime Minister Sibusiso Barnabas Dlamini and his associates, a battle of the Old-Guards. PM Dlamini's personal fight with my father-in-law, Prince Guduza Dlamini, was extended to us. He was misinformed that my wife and I were helping his wife, Mrs. Joy Dlamini, defend herself against him. Without knowing about their marital issues, Mrs. Joy Dlamini asked me to help design a conference program, which led to PM Dlamini's insecurity and decision to destroy my work using the ACC.

The High Court rejected their false claims, but they won't give up. When a person is paid to do a job, they must deliver or pay back the money. If the corrupt ACC officials are not paid, why do they keep losing in court? The High Court told them they have no case and are wrong, but they will come back, hoping to intimidate the Chief Justice and other judges. Shame on them for abusing me and the country. When they fail, they will use paid reporters to lie to the public. Their days are numbered, and they will pay soon.

People in Eswatini live in fear and intimidation, worrying that if they offend the wrong people, they'll lose their income and struggle to feed their families. I believe H.M. King Mswati is unaware of the severity of the situation, as he genuinely wants his country and people to prosper. However, his close advisors and officials often prioritize their own power and interests, misleading him and hindering progress.

During my personal encounters with the King, I sensed his genuine desire for his country's growth. Unfortunately, the corrupt individuals surrounding him obscure his vision. When I've visited offices in Eswatini, I've seen pride and arrogance hindering productivity, which can't exceed 25% in such an environment. I designed a system to bypass this obstacle and empower citizens to thrive.

Many individuals exploit the King's name and their positions to abuse and oppress others, then deceive him by claiming it's for his protection and interest. Government officials and private sector executives are intimidated, afraid to speak the truth even when faced with clear evidence of wrongdoing. The media fears publishing the truth due to this pervasive intimidation.

The late PM Barnabas Dlamini's influence has led to the capture of government departments and corporations, creating an environment where anyone not aligned with him is targeted for destruction. I would have liked to confront him internationally, where his intimidation tactics wouldn't work. Using him as an example would serve as a warning to those who continue his abusive practices.

Former associates of PM Dlamini revealed how they would stop at nothing to silence opposition, even appointing temporary judges to bypass the regular judiciary when needed. They claimed to have removed a former Chief Justice who refused to comply with their orders. This is why the captured wing of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) won't investigate the late PM Dlamini's atrocities and injustices, despite available testimony from government ministers and others.

The King remains unaware of these truths due to the silence of those around him. As a result, many blame him for the country's problems. I urge you to engage with H.M. King Mswati; you'll find a leader committed to his country's growth, and you'll likely join me in supporting him to build a better Eswatini.

Prime Minister Barnabas Dlamini (late) as the self-appointed Chief Commissioner of the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC)

It is astonishing that Prime Minister Barnabas Dlamini, as the self-appointed Chief Commissioner of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), makes all the press statements targeting individuals he dislikes. Even the elders of the country dare not question him. The ACC commissioner is silenced, and PM Dlamini controls the narrative, issuing press statements for the ACC whenever they have a case against someone. This blatant abuse of power goes unchallenged, and the press fails to hold him accountable.

The captured wing of the ACC, driven by power hunger, believes everyone is blind to their actions, including the international community. However, honest ACC officials, tired of the corruption, want to serve their country and do the right thing. They are frustrated by the abuse of power and the destruction of their country.

The late PM Dlamini and his allies deceive the King, claiming they protect him and fight his enemies, when in fact, they are his greatest enemies. Their actions threaten the natural peace in the land. I urge the elders to speak out for a prosperous and peaceful future.


Time for Truth and Accountability

It's time to speak the truth loudly in Eswatini and face the facts. We must go back to the beginning and hold the corrupt officials accountable. The ACC must investigate and arrest those responsible for real corruption and fraud, not fabricated charges. I hope the honest ACC officials will follow the path of truth and expose the fabricated evidence and reveal who paid them to do their bidding.

The Ministry of Justice and the government must recognize they have been deceived by the ACC and demand a house cleaning. The ACC must stop lying to the courts and the people and do what's best for the country.

I possess all the documents signed with participants for Swazi Traders-Link and am willing to present them to any court worldwide to verify my statements. This will help the honest ACC officials and the courts understand the truth and do the right thing.

If the honest ACC officials are willing to serve all citizens, they must stop this abuse of power and hold the corrupt officials accountable. The Eswatini public must stop believing the ACC's press statements until they apologize for their lies. The ACC must remove corrupt officials and return to protecting the public from abuse of power.

Ngeri Group Holdings and the very first time I met Mr. Gideon Dlamini - The former Minister of Commerce, Industry and Trade

Ngeri Group Holdings visited the Ministry of Commerce to invite them to participate in an eCommerce platform registering all Small Medium Enterprises in the country. We needed their data and also approached corporate institutions to join us in launching Swazi Trader-Link, a community-based development project. Initially, we couldn't meet the Minister, but one of our employees, who hailed from the Minister's homestead, arranged an appointment for us.

Contrary to the false claims by the captured wing of the ACC, I did not have any prior business dealings with Mr. Gideon Dlamini, the then Minister of Commerce. Our meeting was to discuss the eCommerce platform and Swazi Trader-Link. The Minister suggested we work with Swaziland (Eswatini) Investment Promotion Authority (SIPA). We met with SIPA, but they declined, citing their own similar project, which never materialized. Unbeknownst to us, SIPA was also captured, and their hostility was unexpected.

After the SIPA meeting, we returned to the Minister, who advised us to work with the Small Enterprise Development Company (SEDCO) to build an inclusive marketplace. We signed a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with SEDCO, hoping they had a list of small businesses to work with. We insisted on an SLA to ensure SEDCO's performance. 

However, people warned us that working with SEDCO would be a mistake due to their inaction and only showing up for events like the Entrepreneur of the Year awards. Later, a SIPA employee revealed that Mrs. Ncobile Dlamini, an accountant, influenced the management not to work with us due to her personal investment in Africa Transaction Solutions, the same company that applied for the banking license to operate Transact Bank. She disregarded the project's cost and the Old-Guards' stopping us due to jealousy and control. The foreigner was blamed, despite contributing 85% of the project's ($650,000) cost.

This weakness in Eswatini and many African countries, where the foreigner is always blamed, is evident in the SIPA CEO's willingness to attack innocent people without thinking twice. The CEO was captured by PM Barnabas Dlamini and disrespected the Minister they were supposed to report to. In Eswatini, government Ministers are afraid to do good, and under PM Barnabas Dlamini, they are merely salaried attendees, waiting for his approval.


SLA between the Small Enterprise Development Company of Eswatini and Ngeri Group Holdings

After signing the Service Level Agreement (SLA) with the Small Enterprise Development Company (SEDCO), we discovered that SEDCO was also captured. They became uncooperative, claiming they didn't have the necessary data. I found it hard to believe that an institution like SEDCO, after years of operation, had less than seven active small businesses registered. When I inquired, SEDCO management blamed the Principal Secretary (PS) for stopping them from cooperating with us.

I met with the PS and his team, but the SEDCO CEO didn't attend. The PS's secretary revealed that the CEO had met with the PS earlier, without me. It became clear that the PS and Minister Gideon Dlamini were at odds, and PM Barnabas Dlamini was backing the PS. In a normal country, a Principal Secretary wouldn't challenge a Minister's authority, but in Eswatini, the PS reports directly to the Prime Minister's office.

Our SLA with SEDCO was meant to ensure cooperation and service delivery. If one party fails to perform, they are disqualified from the agreement. We didn't sign a Public Private Partnership (PPP) with the government, contrary to the fabricated lies by the captured wing of the ACC. They claimed we signed a PPP, but they have no evidence. Even if someone lied to the ACC, shouldn't they verify documents before acting?

The ACC intimidated my business associates, spreading fear and lies. People are quiet due to fear, but they know the truth. SEDCO, after jointly announcing the launch of Traders-Link, refused to participate. I met with SEDCO's Managing Director, Mr. Matiwane, who claimed the board was against the project, but I later found out the board was fully supportive. The PS was the obstacle, and SEDCO's MD refused to attend meetings related to Swazi-Traders-Link.

Meeting with the Principal Secretary and SEDCO

I met with the Principal Secretary (PS) and heads of departments to discuss Traders-Link. However, it became clear that the PS and his team were either misinformed or pretending to be. I answered their questions and encouraged them to support the platform. I proposed an online system for Trading License and Company License renewal. Despite signing an agreement six months prior, SEDCO failed to register SMEs or attend meetings. We realized SEDCO was no longer cooperating.

I attempted to meet with the SEDCO board of directors to present the benefits of Traders-Link, but the MD refused until the chairperson called me. By then, we had contributed over R2.7 million in service value. The system architecture and phase one implementation were complete, all done by NGH without any contribution from SEDCO.

We held a meeting with SEDCO management and staff to showcase phase one of the platform and get feedback on marketing and registration. We instructed SEDCO to open a bank account, which they agreed to but never followed through. The ACC's false accusations that we raised millions for personal gain are outrageous.

Three months passed without feedback from SEDCO. I called the MD, Mr. Matiwane, who claimed his hands were tied due to ministry interference. I offered to open a joint bank account, but he failed to show up for four appointments. SEDCO's refusal to cooperate led to debts and difficulties for NGH.

We committed to delivering the project by June or July 2015 and couldn't go back. We had to move forward, with or without SEDCO. The journey with SEDCO was tough and difficult due to their refusal to participate. We incurred debts but kept our word to the public and small businesses.

NGH Moving forward without SEDCO

Despite developing the system, we're paying for internet data and server space daily, even though the platform isn't in use. We've committed significant funds to Swazi-Traders-Link's development, but SEDCO, responsible for marketing and registrations, hasn't even printed registration forms or attended project meetings. We can't go back on our commitment, so we'll find alternative ways to register and market Traders-Link nationwide.

The Minister of Commerce is aware of the situation and suggested inviting businesses and embassies to sponsor SME registrations. If successful, Traders-Link can use registration fees to cover operational expenses. The Minister, who genuinely cares about the country's development, cannot handle funds directly due to his position. He wants SEDCO involved to create a database of registered SMEs for future economic development plans.

Letters were sent seeking sponsorship, but none brought in funding, according to the Minister's secretary. Only MTN and the American Embassy responded without financial commitment, with SEDCO claiming no responses for Swazi-Traders-Link. We're moving forward, with or without SEDCO, to avoid wasting time and money.


Swazi-Traders-Link funds

We raised funds independently through our business relationships in Swaziland. Ruchi Supermarket contributed R18,000, Prestige Cars E5,000, SNPF E22,000, and Swaziland Oil Mill Industries (SOMI) E36,000. This totaled around E81,000 to R90,000, which the ACC falsely claimed was raised from the public.

Our Relationship and Partnership with Qatar

My wife and I befriended the Qatar Ambassador, bonding over our shared love of nature and pure honey. He promised to sponsor Traders-Link, but emphasized the importance of officially launching the platform first. We agreed to feature Qatar's logo on billboards and promote their embassy's image through Traders-Link. However, the Ambassador required us to secure funding from the Swazi Government before they could provide promotional funding.

We sought loans to launch Traders-Link, and Mr. Kareem Ashraff and Amandla Financial Services assisted us. After launching the platform on September 11, we returned to the Qatar embassy, who asked about government support. We acknowledged the government's role in making the project possible but clarified that they didn't contribute financially. The Qatar embassy suggested involving the Minister, who we had made the Brand Ambassador due to his commitment to economic development.

However, when the funding papers arrived at the ministry from Qatar, they were sent back, and the deadline for submission passed. The Ambassador called, inquiring about the documents, but we were unaware that they had been sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We tracked the documents to the Principal Secretary at the Ministry of Commerce, who claimed to be working on them. Despite our efforts, the deadline was missed, and the Qatar funding opportunity was lost. I pleaded for more time.


Follow-up with the Minister

We followed up with the Minister, but the Principal Secretary (PS) claimed that only the Economic Planning PS could work on the documents. We tracked down the PS in Piggs Peak, where the government was holding a week-long meeting. In a meeting with the PS for Economic Planning, his team, and legal adviser, they stated that the government couldn't receive the funds due to the agreement's structure. The PS explained that the money was for Swazi-Traders-Link as the beneficiary, and Qatar should deal directly with them, as they don't receive funds for private projects.


Qatar Embassy and Members as Parliament

We returned to the Qatar embassy, explained the situation, and proposed focusing the funds on promoting the embassy's image in Swaziland. We committed to registering SMEs, providing feedback, and reporting back to the embassy within three to four months. We collaborated with the embassy to finalize the process, deciding to work directly with Members of Parliament to reach their constituencies and chiefdoms. The Ambassador's speech at the Traders-Link and Members of Parliament Workshop clarified the funding. The ACC's accusations of defrauding the Eswatini government are baseless and confusing.

Fred Ngeri with the best ever parliamentary team in Eswatini  and the Ambassador of Qatar- Honest and Selfless people. 

Clarification and Warning

Which fund is the ACC referring to? The one the ministry rejected, or another? How is the donation related to the Minister's letter and our new proposal for E1,300,00.00? It's clear someone is trying to harm us, and we won't be blamed for our actions if they don't stop. Our respect for the Eswatini Eldership restrains us, but if they don't intervene, we'll be forced to take matters beyond their borders, and they won't like it.


Traders-Link Launching, Funding, and Government Sabotage

To qualify for a partnership with Qatar, we launched Swazi-Traders-Link despite SEDCO's refusal to participate. We borrowed money to fund the launch, and to our surprise, SEDCO branded the venue with their logo, claiming ownership. After the launch, the SEDCO MD asked for our company papers, citing a Ministry instruction. I refused, knowing it was a ploy to block our progress. They already have what he is asking for.

 SEDCO's Inconsistency and Government Interference 

The SEDCO MD initially refused to sign a bank account and mobile money agreement, citing discomfort with legally binding documents. However, after Qatar funding was announced, he asked to sign the bank account. I questioned his motivations and asked him to explain his inconsistencies. He claimed the Ministry was pressuring him.

Confronting SEDCO and Ministry

I confronted the SEDCO MD about their refusal to meet with us and their false claims. He admitted being forced by the Ministry to act against us. I asked him to explain why he didn't show up at the bank for account opening and why he didn't sign the Mobile Money Agreement. He said he wasn't comfortable signing legally binding documents, but later wanted to open a bank account after Qatar funding was announced. I knew it was a plot to block our progress.

The Gatekeepers' Self-Interest

In Eswatini, people are fearful and will do anything to put food on their table. Many are in positions because they can play along with the demands of the Gatekeepers. When Gatekeepers prioritize self-interest over national development, it's dangerous. I believe Mr. Matiwane was instructed to follow the Ministry's dictates, and his actions were a joke.

Confronting SEDCO's Deception

I confronted the SEDCO team, questioning their motives and accusing them of setting a trap or covering up their wrongdoings. I demanded answers regarding their refusal to meet with us and their inconsistent behavior. The SEDCO MD claimed he was forced to act against us, but I saw through his excuses.

Exposing the Truth

After a week, the SEDCO MD called, claiming SEDCO might pull out, citing the Ministry's assertion that NGH was not registered with them. I refuted this, stating we didn't need SEDCO and were only trying to help. I drove to his office, still on the phone, and made it clear we wouldn't be swayed. He warned me to "cover my back" as the press might get involved, but I knew this was just another tactic.

 Verifying Registration

I called him out on his lies, asking where he was. He claimed to be in the office, but I found him absent. When I called again, he said he was busy with the Principal Secretary at the Ministry of Commerce. I went to the office, showed him our Certificate of Incorporation, and demanded verification. He apologized, admitting the Ministry was pressuring him to keep his job.

Government Corruption

I realized some government officials were working against Eswatini's interests, capturing the Kingdom and controlling everything. I decided to focus on our work for the people and ended communication with SEDCO for a while. I confided in my wife, expressing my desire to meet with the King outside Eswatini to propose a plan to clean up the system and save the country.

The Deception of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) of Eswatini

I am astonished by the ACC's bold lies and falsehoods against innocent people. It's unbelievable that officials would speak untruths without considering the consequences of being questioned in a court of law. I question how the ACC vetted their officials and how they can be so emboldened to act with impunity.

Captured Officials and Abuse of Power

The ACC's captured officials have no conscience and are willing to do unspeakable things, undermining the judiciary and disrespecting the Chief Justice. They have lost three court cases and are now attacking the Chief Justice for speaking the truth. The Elders of the country have failed to call them to order, and I will take action if they don't stop.

International Community and Rights

If the ACC doesn't stop, I will take them to an international human rights court and seek $100 million in damages. My respect for the King and Elders is what has kept me quiet, but I demand they stop this madness and leave me alone. I don't want to fight the country I love.

Apologies and Warning

Even the Prime Minister's lawyer, Musa Loen Dlamini, apologized for his role in fabricating allegations. He shared the extent of the corruption and abuse of power, and I beg the Elders and government to put this matter to rest before it gets out of hand. If they don't stop, they will embarrass themselves and the country.

A Call to Action

I urge the honorable court to apply their learned mind and put this matter to rest for the love of the country. Don't be intimidated; Eswatini has suffered enough. The future will hold those accountable who are doing as they please. Young men and women will demand justice. If this generation fails, what will be left for the next generation?

Thank you for reading. Share this if you want the truth to prevail against lies and misinformation. Play your part in bringing down injustice and lies by those who think they are untouchable. God will bless you.


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