Application for Participation

Be a beneficiary of the global income and profit made from all the services listed below and have a presence in the Kilobu Ants-Network! Subscribe and be a beneficiary of the SOLECTRIC Franchises, retail franchises, farms and the Green Transaction Centres to be built all over the country.

The Green Transaction Centres will house the following businesses and services: a) Supermarkets with Bakeries, Groceries, Fruit-Veg and Meat Market; b) Medical Clinics, Dental Clinic and Pharmacies; c) Agricultural Development and Crop Storage Centres; d) Commercial Centres for general trade and services; e) Full Banking and Non-Banking Financial Transaction Centres; f) Filing Stations; and g) Police Station. 

The Benefits of Joining Kilobu Unified Marketplace  a.k.a The Ants Network.

Generations will come and go, but the wealth of the world can never be equally distributed.  Join the KILOBU ANTS Network and be guaranteed that you will have an inheritance for yourself, your children and your grandchildren.

The Unmatched Benefits of Kilobu Membership

Features that have helped ants to become so successful include: a) Their social nature – ants in a nest are good at cooperating.  b) They modify habitats – most animals can only survive in certain conditions, but ant colonies can change their surroundings to suit them.


1. Having a full business operational application with full e-Commerce platform to operate your business with ease.

2. Having access to customers beyond your physical location, and selling to all nine provinces in South Africa and beyond.

3. Having access to funding your business equipment, raw materials and business growth.

4. Participating in the Municipal Trade Fairs annually to showcase your products and services locally, nationally and internationally.

5. Become a joint owner of the Green Transaction Centres to be built all over the country.

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